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9" x 2.5" Water Filter Sets


We stock a full range of 9" non standard water filter sets to suit Doulton Superblock Twin and a range of non standard 9" systems. We also stock a full range of compatible/generic premium 9" replacement water filter cartridges. Why pay hundreds when you can have the same quality filtration for a fraction of the cost.

Brand: HydROtwist
HydROtwist Superior Sub Micron Sediment and 1 Micron Carbon block replacement water filter set suitable for the reduction of chlorine. taste, unpleasant smells and some chemicals. Comes with the following: - 1 x HydROtwist Premium 0.5 Micron Polyspun Sediment 9" x 2.5" - 1 x HydROtwis..
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Brand: Omnipure USA
Doulton Twin Under Sink Replacement Filter Set to suit Non Standard 9" inch Comes with the Doulton Imperial Sterasyl Pre Filter and Omnipure Carbon Block Post Filter OMB834 Stage 1 - Doulton Imperial Ceramic 0.2 (Nominal) Micron Pre Filter (STERASYL9) 9" Inch   Doulton Ceramic Filte..
Ex Tax:$89.09
Brand: HydROtwist
HydROtwist Premium 9” (228mm) Replacement Ceramic Water Filter Set - Compatible replacement filter set     Suitable replacements for the Doulton Twin 9" Omnipure Superblock and Sterasyl Filter Systems.   - 100% Cleanable/Washable with a Scoth Brite or Nail Brush - 0.2 Micron ..
Ex Tax:$62.73
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